Even though Ford has discontinued the Ford EcoSport in other parts of the world, they are going ahead to produce a 2022 version for North America, thanks largely to the popularity of this nimble crossover. The 2022 Ford EcoSport offers superb ride dynamics and has a pretty spacious cabin for its category. This makes it highly functional and can be easily used as an everyday car. IThe interior is also well decked out with premium materials all over the cabin. With the Toyota Camry, the emphasis was on functionality and this shows in the interior styling. While the Camry has plenty of space inside the cabin, the design cues are rather bland and are nowhere as good as those of other vehicles in its category.

Design & Style

The 2022 Ford EcoSport has a modern sleek design that will appeal to just about anybody. The fact that it is so practical, thanks to its roomy cabin and large trunk space means that this is a vehicle that you will enjoy driving and utilize. From shopping trips to school runs, you will find the 2022 Ford EcoSport one of the most practical automobiles that you have driven. Styling is good and there are plenty of premium materials in the cabin, further making this an excellent ride. With the Toyota Camry, despite the roomy interior, the use of sub-par materials means it is not as attractive as it could be.

Technology & Safety

When it comes to safety and tech features, the 2022 Ford EcoSport comes with a plethora of features that all drivers are sure to love. From the nifty infotainment system that is easy to operate and responds quickly to command, you are also likely to love the smartphone connectivity as well as the USB charging ports that come with the 2022 Ford EcoSport. Safety features in the car include lane departure warning, blindspot monitoring and much more. The Camry also offers some features in its 2022 edition although the good stuff comes as options.


Under the hood, the 2022 Ford EcoSport is powered by a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine although this can be upgraded. You probably won’t need to though as you will find the 2022 Ford EcoSport very well powered and can handle anything you throw at it. It is nimble around corners and handles like a charm. With the Toyota Camry, you get a similar sized engine at the base model. But because the Camry is bigger, acceleration and power are a bit sluggish.

The Bottom Line

Comparing the 2022 editions of the Camry and the EcoSport is easy as the two vehicles are very distinct. You should choose the 2022 Ford EcoSport if you are looking for a vehicle that combines practicality with great ride dynamics.

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