The 2022 Ford Expedition is a large SUV that is winning accolades all over the world thanks to its excellent design, drivability and ride dynamics. With plenty of space in the cabin, as well as generous trunk space, the 2022 Ford Expedition is a sure headturner. We have put this powerful SUV against the 2022 Lexus LX and here is what you need to know about how these two vehicles stack up against each other.

Design & Style

With plenty of wood trimming and leather upholstery, the 2022 Ford Expedition has a fantastic cabin that will cocoon you in sheer luxury. Its beautiful exterior means that the 2022 Ford Expedition will look at home anywhere; from the art gallery to school runs. With a large trunk space and cabin, the 2022 Ford Expedition is a super-functional automobile. Interior options can make the 2022 Ford Expedition even more comfortable . These include heated seats and steering wheel.

The 2022 Lexus LX also comes with a very comfortable cabin and a large trunk. This also makes the LX pretty c comfortable. The large grille at the front takes some getting used to. Overall, both cars are well designed and have comfortable cabins.

Technology & Safety

The 2022 Ford Expedition comes with a host of tech including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and much more. Infotainment is via a large touchscreen display that is easy to use and super-ergonomic. Safety features in the 2022 Ford Expedition include lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and much more. The 2022 Lexus LX also features a ton of tech features as well, most of them standard. We struggled with the infotainment system which we found a little confusing. The system was also a little sluggish and difficult to use when the vehicle was in motion. All said, while the tech features on both cars are roughly the same, the 2022 Ford Expedition has tech features that feel more intuitive.


Under the hood, the 2022 Ford Expedition is motivated by a 3.5 liter turbocharged engine that generates about 380 horsepower. This is pretty powerful and the 2022 Ford Expedition never felt underpowered at all. handling is great and the 2022 Ford Expedition is pretty nimble around corners. The cabin is a quiet place too, thanks to the excellent insulation. The 2022 LX is powered by a 3.5 liter turbocharged engine. There are many options when it comes to engines and buyers have the option to upgrade to more powerful drivetrains.

The Bottom Line

Both the 2022 LX and the 2022 Ford Expedition have a lot to offer any driver. However, the 2022 Ford Expedition edges out the LX when it comes to engine performance and good looks. The 2022 Ford Expedition also rides better and has a great interior. It is the car that you should consider buying this year.

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