The 2022 ford F-150 is given a spacious and well-trimmed body, plus it promises powertrain choices that will easily captivate the hearts of truck fans out there. The 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 has the same things to offer to its avid followers too. Which of these two should you choose? Your answer will all depend from the comparison of the different aspects for these trucks.

Design & Style

With an exterior that is called a Regular Cab Styleside, the Ford F-150 is not your ordinary pickup truck out there. This may have a shorter wheelbase than the Regular Cab Sierra 1500, but that does not mean that you should not choose it.

Once you get inside these rides, you will notice that both provide the luxurious feel you are looking for, despite not being ranked as luxury vehicles. The edge of the F-150 over the Sierra 1500 is the fact that the Ford comes with nifty aids that help a lot with the utility of its components. Add to that, there are no cheap materials you will find, even if its GMC counterpart was able to sneak in some materials of that grade. Ford also allows you to choose from five or six seats for your chosen model, whereas the GMC only sits three, an attribute that makes it really disappointing.

Technology & Safety

Using the SYNC 4 infotainment system, the Ford F-150 gets some more points as a boost in this aspect. This system is not just the normal intuitive type you will see in its class. It swiftly responds to inputs, and displays crisp graphics for its eight-inch touch screen. It has multiple USB ports, a Wi-Fi hot spot, and four its safety driver aids, you get a rearview camera, plus features like forward automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, and pedestrian detection.

The GMC Sierra 1500 gets a smaller touch screen display that measures seven inches. It only has a single USB port which is a dismay, considering that the F-150 offers multiple ports. In the case of safety aids, it has the Teen Driver system fit for secondary drivers, something that the F-150 does not offer.


The 2022 F-150 is gifted with a powertrain that allows it to yield up to 290 horsepower. The Sierra, on the other hand hits 310 horsepower. Acceleration wise, you will experience better when using the Ford. For fuel efficiency, both rides rate at 20 mpg for city driving, but the F-150 rates better on the highway with a score of 24 mpg as opposed to the Sierra 1500's 23 mpg.

The Bottom Line

The GMC Sierra 1500 may gain points for exterior dimensions, but that is the only aspect where it edges out the 2022 Ford F-150. All other aspects considered, the Ford is a better truck than its GMC comrade.

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