The Ford Ranger is an extremely capable mid-size truck that is popular across the United States for a long time. The 2022 Ford Ranger builds on that dynamic and offers plenty of thrills to anyone fortunate enough to get behind the wheel. The 2022 Ford Ranger comes with a pretty sizable cabin, one of the largest in its class of vehicles. It is also chock full of tech features even on the base model. If you have to get off the beaten track, the2022 Ford Ranger is your ideal companion. It comes with a comfortable cabin and can have a two seat or four seat configuration. The former is great when you need a larger bed to haul materials with your 2022 Ford Ranger. With the Toyota Tacoma, you get the promise of reliability, although you may have to contend with some pretty bad interior design.

Design & Style

The 2022 Ford Ranger is well styled with design cues that are unique to this remarkable vehicle. This makes the 2022 Ford Ranger adept at what it does. For example, the raised profile of the vehicle means that you get to enjoy off-roading as the ground clearance is one of the best in this class of vehicles. the interior is also full of premium materials and you can count on the 2022 Ford Ranger to be pretty comfortable even when you are on a dirt road. The Toyota Tacoma is also a solidly built truck although the focus here was functionality rather than comfort.

Technology & Safety

TIf you want a mid-size truck with plenty of tech, then the 2022 Ford Ranger is what you need to go for. This truck comes with a great infotainment system that is easy to operate and intuitively built for easier handling even when the car is being driven. You are also going to love the smartphone compatibility, USB charging ports and the host of other tech featutesthat come standard in this vehicle. With the Toyota Tacoma, you get plenty of features as well, although you have to go for higher trims to get most of them.


The 2022 Ford Ranger comes with a number of engine variants which helps to give you choice depending on how you intend to use the vehicle. Top of the range is a turbocharged V6 but even the base model offers you plenty of juice when you need to haul anything. Ride dynamics are excellent and the cabin of the 2022 Ford Ranger is a very comfortable place even under high revs. The Tacoma also offers a choice of drivetrains and while not as comfortable to drive as the Ranger, it is still a pretty awesome truck.

The Bottom Line

The comparison between the 2022 Ford Ranger and the 2022 Toyota Tacoma was always going to be a close one. However the 2022 Ford Ranger edges out the Tacoma on a number of important areas including cabin styling and ride dynamics.

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