It goes without saying that no car would be able to run without its engine and the engine oil that powers it. Engine oil helps lubricate the internal parts of your ford engine, ensuring that your vehicle runs efficiently and smoothly. If you are noticing some signs that your engine oil needs to be changed, below is a handy guide on how you can change the engine oil in your Ford vehicle.

To begin, ensure that you have an oil rag, the correct grade of oil for your vehicle, disposable gloves, a wrench set, a drain pan as well as a plastic or metal oil-fill funnel. You can check the grade of oil needed in your owner’s manual.

Prep your car by warming it up for about 10 minutes, This is because hot oil drains better. Then, park your Ford on a level surface before jacking it up or putting it on ramps so that you can access the oil filter.

For your safety, remove or roll up any loose article of clothing and keep your arms away from the cooling fan at all times as the fan can turn on automatically.

How to Change Engine Oil:

  1. After wearing the disposable gloves, position the drain pan below the filter.
  2. Making sure that the filter is not too hot to touch, unscrew it with an oil filter wrench, and allow the filter to drain into the drain pain.
  3. Discard the filter and wipe off any old oil.
  4. Then, position the drain pan below the oil drain plug. It should be located at the lowest point of the engine’s oil pan. Check your owner’s manual if you are uncertain about the position.
  5. Using the socket and ratchet wrench, remove the drain plug and allow the oil to drain out. Note: at the beginning, the oil will shoot out about eight inches from the drain hole before dripping back straight down.
  6. Once the dripping has stopped, clean the face and the plug of the oil pan with the oil rag.
  7. Replace the drain plug using the wrench.
  8. You can now remove the drain pan and take your car off the ramps or stands.
  9. Open the hood of your car and locate the dipstick.
  10. Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean with the oil rag then insert it in again.
  11. Use the funnel and add slightly less oil than stated in the menu after opening the oil fill cap.
  12. Close the cap and start the engine, ensuring that the oil pressure light goes off. Allow it to idle for roughly ten seconds before shutting it off.
  13. Check the oil level on the dipstick again, ensuring that it is in between the minimum and maximum markings on the stick.
  14. To ensure that the new oil filter is not leaking, drive your vehicle around the block.

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