There is no doubt that windshield wipers are an essential and important part of your car. They help remove water, snow, or other debris obscuring your vision when driving, ensuring your safety as well as the safety of others on the road. However, much like anything else, windshield blades can wear out after several months of use. While you can replace them at an auto shop, changing them yourself is an option as well. First, you must be familiar with the different parts of the blade. Windshield wipers are made out of three parts, the lower wiper arms stemming from the base of the windshield, the blade attached to it, and the rubber blades that fulfills the wiping motion. When changing  windshield wiper blades, you are only replacing the rubber blades. Here is a handy guide on how to change the windshield blades on your Ford vehicle.

How to Check if Your Windshield Blades Need Replacing:

  • Examine them for cracks. Old windshield wipers can become hard and crack with time, especially if you live in dry, hot climates. That is a sign they need replacing.
  • Examine for streaks. Next time when it rains, check if your windshield wipers are actually doing their job. If they are not much easier to see through than when it is raining heavily, they probably need to be changed.

How to Change Windshield Blades for Ford Cars:

  1. Start by measuring your wiper’s existing rubber blade using a measuring tape to get an estimate of the length of the new blades needed. Make sure you measure both sides of the wiper as they often differ an inch or two in length.
  2. Secure the rubber blades in the sizes needed from an auto parts store.
  3. Once you have the rubber blades on hand, you can begin the changing process.
  4. Gently raise the metal wiper arm from the windshield, rotating it so the blades are facing upwards. It should be able to hold at a right angle from the windshield. Be careful in making sure that the spring-loaded metal wiper arm does not snap back, damaging your windshield.
  5. Unhook the existing wiper blade by pressing the plastic stopper located at the joint between the wiper blade and the metal arm of the wiper. Separate the old blade from the arm. Ensure that you always have a hand holding the wiper away from the windshield when changing the blades to prevent it from snapping back. For additional protection, lay a folded towel on the windshield.
  6. Replace the old wiper with the refill by sliding it into the same metal arm. Rotate the new wiper gently, allowing the hook to snap and secure it in place.
  7. Lay the wiper back down on the windshield.
  8. Repeat the process with the second wiper. Remember to ensure that the right wiper sizes are being used for each side.

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