Modern technology cannot be imagined without Bluetooth connectivity. It is no secret that your home is flooded with Bluetooth devices. The application of this cutting-edge technology in your prized Ford cars is something we take for granted.

With Bluetooth technology and in-car infotainment, Ford was one of the first manufacturers to adopt these technologies. The Sync system was developed by Ford and Microsoft as a Bluetooth and in-car communication device. The SYNC system is easy to use, and provides hands-free calling, music access, and more.

A song could be played on demand with just your voice, or a text message could be read aloud once you know how to connect Bluetooth devices to a Ford vehicle in just a few steps given below.

Ford Sync Connection

  • Your phone and the radio should be on, and the vehicle should be running.
  • Press the infotainment display phone button with your phone on Bluetooth to access the phone menu.
  • Under the Bluetooth connection settings, when "Add Bluetooth Device" appears, press "OK" and then choose "SYNC" on your phone.
  • Upon connecting your phone, SYNC technology will start talking, and you will get a notification that your phone has been connected.

This method may not work in every case. It may be necessary for you to try a reverse pairing method if that is the case.

Ford Sync Reversible Pairing

  • Repeat the same process until you click on "Add Bluetooth Device.”
  • After selecting "OK," find the "Special PIN" on the infotainment system, then press "OK.”
  • Enter the PIN from the infotainment display onto your phone with the same Bluetooth settings screen.
  • The Ford SYNC system makes pairing your phone easy. However, if you encounter any issues or problems you can refer to the manual or seek external help.

Slow Response from Ford Sync

You can clear your device's cache by unpairing, deleting, and re-pairing it if you're experiencing slow performance.

  • If you wish to clear all information on your Sync system, you can also perform a master reset, which will also delete any addresses and other personal information in your Sync system.
  • The Ford Sync system needs to be reset and the Sync system can be reset by performing the following steps:
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your phone, and then delete SYNC.
  • Using the Arrows or Seek buttons, navigate to the "Advanced" display by clicking "Phone" on the SYNC screen.
  • Choose Master Reset from the advanced display and click OK.

Professional Help at Whitecourt Ford

It may be confusing to know what common Ford Sync problems there are and how to fix them if you're planning to purchase a Ford with Sync or if you have a vehicle with Sync that needs to be repaired.

However, getting your communication device back on track and Bluetooth pairing is easily possible if you follow the above-mentioned procedures. If you are still facing issues, hand over your Ford and trust our professionals at Whitecourt Ford.

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