When the AC in your Ford car malfunctions, it can become a nightmare, especially during long road trips and in hot weather. It can be uncomfortable and troublesome when your AC has problems.

A car’s AC helps avoid discomfort caused by external weather by keeping the environment dry. However, if the air conditioner is not properly maintained, it often starts giving problems. Several factors can contribute to common car air conditioning problems. However, once you know how to fix Ford air-conditioning problems, it will be less of a hassle.

Check for Leaking Refrigerant

It is sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact location of a refrigerant leak because it can happen at any point in the air conditioning process. Leaks most commonly occur at hose connections on AC units.

The source of the leak may be an oily substance that accumulates around these connections. If you or a technician and can seal the leak, you can use a sealant (particularly made for air conditioners) found in most auto parts stores.

Clogged/Blocked Condenser

As the hot refrigerant is compressed, it is cooled down by an air conditioner’s condenser. The cooling process is carried out by airflow. In a moving car, the air is drawn in from the front. 

As a result of dust or debris clogging the condenser, the air conditioner will not cool down, and it will overheat. In the end, hot air will be emitted.

This problem can be resolved by replacing the condenser. Alternatively, you can have it checked by a professional. 

Fault in Cooling Fans

A malfunctioning fan can prevent your condenser from receiving sufficient cooling. As a result, your car may eventually emit only hot air. Visual inspection is the best method of determining if the cooling fan is defective.

The only way to fix cracks in the fan is to replace it. Debris on the road can cause cracks in the fan and this can only be done by replacing it. In addition to blown fuses, cooling fans are also susceptible to electrical problems. You will likely need the assistance of a professional if you are not familiar with electrical work.

Electrical Problems

AC units that stop working are often affected by electrical problems. You should first visually inspect all wires to see if any are worn out or broken.

Electrical tape should be used to repair or replace any damaged wires. Your vehicle may need to be diagnosed by an experienced dealer if you cannot visually locate any electrical problems.

Bad Compressor

Long periods of AC inactivity are the most common reasons for compressors to fail. To avoid this problem, we recommend running your air conditioner for at least 10 minutes roughly every three weeks, irrespective of outside temperatures. Keeping the compressor fresh will extend its life.

Seek Help

If you still need help fixing these issues though, you can stop at Whitecourt Ford for service, or, feel free to give us a call. Get your car back on the road in no time with the help of our experienced ASE-certified technicians.

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