Having a faulty headlight on your car is not only annoying but more importantly, dangerous. Headlights help increase visibility in the dark, and signal to other road users their intentions which can prevent fatal accidents from occurring. Therefore, being able to change a bulb in your indicator light, main beam, or dip beam is a crucial skill to have. Read on to learn how to get back on the road easily and quickly should your headlights fail.

Before you begin, you will require some tools. They include:

  • a Torx Tx30 screwdriver or a standard flat-head screwdriver
  • a Ph2 Phillips screwdriver
  • Replacement bulb

Removing the Headlights:

  1. Begin by making sure your car’s ignition is off and the handbrake is engaged.
  2. Allow approximately 10 minutes for the engine to cool down and the fan to stop. This is to ensure your safety.
  3. After waiting, open the bonnet and ensure it is safely secured with the strut.
  4. After identifying the light that needs replacing, find the first screw at the front.
  5. Gently raise the surrounding plastic trim up with your fingers. This will help you remove the screw easier.
  6. Using a Phillips screwdriver, undo the screw.
  7. Then, use the Torx screwdriver to unscrew the second screw.
  8. Undo the final screw at the back.
  9. Remove the light from the white mounting point clip.
  10. You will see an electrical connector. Pinch the clips and remove them.
  11. Now that the light is completely removed, gently set the handlamp on a secure and flat surface to protect your paintwork.

Replacing the Main Beam:

  1. The main beam is located in the middle and has a large rubber cover.
  2. To replace the main beam, pull off the cover then pull out the electrical connector.
  3. Remove the bulb with an anti-clockwise motion.
  4. Use a clockwise motion to secure the new bulb in place.
  5. Replace the electrical connector and put the rubber cover back on.

Replacing the Dip Beam:

  1. After removing the cover, go ahead and pull the electrical connector off by squeezing it on both sides.
  2. Through the connector, remove the bulb.
  3. Replace the old bulb with a new one by pushing it into the connector.
  4. Click the electrical connector back into position.
  5. Put the rubber cover back on.

Replacing the Indicator:

  1. Start by removing the grey cover by turning it anti-clockwise.
  2. Using the same motion again, twist the electrical connector and put the new bulb into the connector and in the main unit.
  3. Reposition the headlamp and put the lighting unit back in, under the bumper tab.
  4. Click the main connector back into place.
  5. After positioning the headlamp to be in line with the bodywork, gently push it back into place.
  6. Screw all the screws back in, starting with the second and third screws.
  7. Finally, pop the first screw back on and fit the entire unit into the hole before fully screwing it back in.
  8. Close the bonnet.

Additional Tips:

  • Refrain from touching the glass as fingerprints run the risk of reducing the bulb’s longevity.

Contact a Ford Dealer, like Whitecourt Ford, if you need help picking out the right bulb for your vehicle.

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