There are a series of Cruise Control features available on certain Ford vehicles that employ advanced radar and camera technology. Using Cruise Control, you can set your speed and distance from the vehicle ahead of you. You automatically slow down when traffic slows, and you resume your preset speed and distance when traffic resumes.

A new feature of Intelligent Cruise Control is Speed Sign Recognition, which automatically adjusts the set speed of your vehicle to the posted speed limit when you approach a speed sign. To make use of all these amazing features it is important to know how to set Ford cruise control.

Getting Started with Cruise Control

  • On your steering wheel, turn on the cruise control switch.
  • In the information display, you will see the indicator light. Depending on the status of the system, the indicator changes color. If the color has changed to green it means the system is activated.
  • Adapt your speed to your needs. You can set the desired speed by pressing the set button while driving.
  • Step off the accelerator.

Speeding Up or Slowing Down

  • The set speed can be adjusted in small increments by pressing SET.
  • The set speed can be changed in large increments by pressing and holding either button. Once you reach your desired speed, release the button.
  • Depending on the speed you prefer, press the accelerator pedal or brake pedal. Then press SET.

Setting the Gap

  • You can set the gap between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead using the gap setting button on the steering wheel. A brief display of the gap setting is displayed on the Head-Up Display when it is equipped.
  • You can select a preferred gap distance from Near, Medium, or Far by pressing the gap setting button.
  • You will then need to select a time. Your speed will determine the distance. Speeding up will cause you to follow farther behind since slowing down or stopping would require more distance. You should choose a setting that suits your driving style, traffic conditions, and weather.

At a Standstill Position

  • Some stopped vehicles can be operated with cruise control, but the system must be turned on, the brake pedal must be applied, and the vehicle must be in forward gear.
  • The feature can be activated by pressing the set button while pressing the brake pedal.
  • Press the "+"/resume or "-"/set button again and again until the speed you want appears when your foot is on the brake.
  • After you release the brake, the vehicle will maintain its position. Pressing the resume button will cause the vehicle to accelerate automatically at your selected speed when traffic moves.

Turning Off the Cruise Control

Cruise control can be turned off by following these steps:

  • The brake pedal should be pressed
  • The cancel button will appear, click on it once.
  • Press the OFF button to turn the cruise control off

There is a wide range of sophistication in cruise control systems. However, it has a lot of similarities. Basically, cruise control makes commuting and traveling easier.

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