Hybrid and electric vehicles are increasingly becoming mainstays in today's culture. They are environmentally friendly and safe since they emit no emissions. Unlike conventional cars, hybrids are propelled by both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Fuel and electricity are therefore required to run them.

Regenerative braking allows hybrid batteries to recharge themselves without the need for charging. Engines store energy normally lost during braking and use it when needed. The start of a hybrid is almost identical to that of a conventional vehicle. Read on if you are uncertain about starting and stopping a Ford hybrid car.

Changing the Power Mode

You can cycle through the power modes by pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button 

When in Accessory Mode

When in Accessory mode, press the brake pedal once without pushing the ON button.

For the Switch On mode

You only need to press the START/STOP button once.

To Start the Engine

  • Be sure to hold down the brake pedal
  • The clutch should be firmly pressed while you press the ENGINE START/STOP button. 
  • Ensure that the brake pedal is firmly pressed.

Your Ford Hybrid in Action

  • The vehicle must be turned on and the engine must be started to start driving.
  • As it takes time for the engine to warm up and begin working, you should start the engine before starting the car.
  • Once the shift lever has been placed in Park (P), press the brake pedal. The brake pedal should be firmly pressed when starting the engine.

Shifting Gears

Shift position can be adjusted according to your driving needs. Do note that when the shift lever is operated before the vehicle has completely stopped, the transmission can be damaged.

  • The Park (P): Parking brakes are used to stop the engine or park the car. After pressing the brake pedal, release the release button to shift.
  • The reverse (R): The direction of movement is reversed.
  • The neutral (N): Idling mode.
  • The drive (D): It is designed to be used for normal driving purposes.
  • The Drive (S): This enhances driving control on hilly terrain, increases acceleration, or increases engine braking.
  • The Low (L): The engine's brake is strengthened by using this control in hilly terrain.

Turning Off Ford Hybrid

  • Switch to Park (P) before pressing the ENGINE START/STOP when starting or stopping the engine.
  • When you press the button when the shift lever is not in Park (P), the vehicle will go into Accessory mode.
  • The lever should be in Park (P) and the button should be pressed and held once, twice, or three times within a second. There will be an automatic turn-off of your car.

Ford Tips and Tricks

We hope that you have learned how to start and stop a Ford hybrid car. Follow the proper instructions to start and stop your brand-new Ford hybrid car. For more tips and tricks for your Ford vehicle, check out our Whitecourt Ford articles.

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