Years ago, many would have laughed at anyone who suggested voice command in a car. Before, we used maps for directions and navigation was a two-way conversation between you and your passenger. Nowadays, with GPS systems readily available in all cars, you do not need to take your hands off the steering wheel. As Ford is one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, having a GPS system in their cars is normal. Most, if not all of Ford cars have voice command installed in them. It is a piece of automotive technology that is useful to Ford car owners. 

Using Ford Voice Command in Your Car

With voice command in many Ford cars, life gets easier for owners. A form of artificial intelligence, this amazing system is fully voice-activated. The main difference between Open Mobility Cloud system and the regular voice command system in other brands’ cars is that Ford cars go a little further. The driver can have access to all of the car’s features and functions just by talking to the car. 

If you are an owner of a Ford car and you are not sure how to set up the voice command, it is quite easy. To activate the voice command system, you have to say, “Hey Ford.” That’s it. It is similar to Amazon’s “Alexa” but it is in the comfort of your car. From there, you can make any requests you like, and your Ford car will obey. This allows you to navigate your way without ever looking at the GPS system. There is also an option to name your Ford, so this is a nice touch from the car manufacturer. People might say that it is an upgraded voice command, but it is more than that. Ford’s voice command has been dubbed the ‘revolution of driving pleasure’. It allows drivers to set their preferred settings such as climate, driving mode, and music selection. You could ask your Ford car questions such as the car’s current status and the different functions the car has.

IPA or Intelligent Personal Assistant will not only combine the voice command with artificial intelligence but also sync your smartphone with your Ford. With this feature, you are able to operate your car’s system from outside your car. There is a range of upcoming functions that will be available when you upgrade the Ford operating system. Ford has created a truly unique voice command system that will surely please many owners.

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